A flexible approach to staying organised – a Filofax organiser is as individual as you are. With contemporary and classic designs, an array of colours and sizes, and luxury leather, fabric or leather-look styles – you won’t find a wider range of organisers anywhere else.
  1. Domino Soft Personal Organiser

    Domino Soft Personal Organiser Learn More
  2. Domino Soft A5 Organiser

    Beautifully soft, stylish and tactile in hand. Ballet-inspired organiser with supple leather-look cover in six delicate shades. Learn More
  3. Domino Soft Pocket Organiser

    Domino Soft Pocket Organiser Learn More
  4. Domino Luxe Pocket Organiser

    Domino Luxe Pocket Organiser Learn More
  5. Domino Luxe Personal Organiser

    Domino Luxe Personal Organiser Learn More
  6. Domino Pocket Organiser

    Domino Pocket Organiser Learn More
  7. Domino A5 Organiser

    Domino A5 Organiser Learn More
  8. Domino Luxe A5 Organiser

    Domino Luxe A5 Organiser Learn More
  9. Domino Personal Organiser

    Domino Personal Organiser Learn More